Friday, February 20, 2009

SmartPhones + SmartDesks =

Reader Knaus has some questions regarding my SmartDesk post:

What are we talking here? Using student supplied cell phones as modems for internet access?

My wife's business has thin clients. Nothing is actually stored on the desktop machine. Everything is done from a server? Is that what we're talking about?

I think we might be talking about something like this:

Educational software for cell phones, a suite of tools developed at the University of Michigan, is being used to turn smart phones into personal computers for students in two Texas classrooms.

Yup. SmartPhones. Just run 'em into monitors. And voilĂ : SmartDesks.

"This is the beginning of the future," Soloway said. "The future is mobile devices that are connected. They're going to be the new paper and pencil."

Cell phones can be powerful computers, Soloway says. They can do just about everything laptops can do for a fraction of the price. And many students are bringing them to school anyway.

Read the whole article here on Physorg.

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  1. I want in! Thanks for clarifying. So basically, each student gets a Palm Centro, Blackberry, or other Smartphone load with education "stuff." Love it. The only drawback is the keyboard but that shouldn't be too complicated.

    I've heard that our district has a set of iPod Touches laying around. The problem with that is that there isn't an external keyboard option. Same type of concept though.

    I'll gladly pilot something like this in Minneapolis!


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