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Friday, November 13, 2009

Paperless Friday Rules!

Another Paperless Friday down, and this was the Tweet of the Day:
mdhtoday: @TeachPaperless Epic #Paperless Friday! They were about to copy 6pg doc for dept&admin when I asked to scan as pdf to distrib. Instant hero

Thanks to @mdhtoday and all of the teachers making Paperless Friday a tradition in their schools!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Friday Chat: Paperless Student Publications and Media

Happy Paperless Friday!

Today at 10:15AM EST, we'll be discussing paperless student publications and media over at the Friday Chat.

Paperless student newspapers, digital radio podcasts, and live-streamed student broadcasts are the subject of the day. See you there!

Friday, October 02, 2009

Paperless Friday: On Ideas and Boxes


It's Paperless Friday! And I'm thinking about ideas and boxes.

My paperless story for the day: I was asked by the dept at my ed school to turn in a Word Doc copy of the syllabus for my paperless social tech in ed class.

Problem is: I don't have a static syllabus -- I keep all of the class info/assignments/procedures/etc on a wiki that winds up being pretty fluid.

Not fluid in the sense that I change dates, procedures, and other vitals... but rather in that specific readings and the specifics about assignments are always changing and adapting to what is occurring in the social media ed landscape at large.

As I say to the students on day one: I can't honestly tell you that what's on the wiki for week eight is actually going to be there when we get there (because by the time we get there, we'll be in a 'different place' as well).

What I'm emphasizing is that helping students develop a 'way of thinking' is generally more important than whatever specific tool or skill might be next on the menu. And the 'ways of thinking' most effective in navigating the current landscapes are ways that make the most of the fluidity and dynamism inherent in the current media.

This fluidity is something that should be embraced. It's also something that points out the limited nature of static media -- whether paper syllabus or PowerPoint -- to handle fluidity.

Our way of looking at things is changing. If four years ago you would have told me that a syllabus might not be the best way to help keep my students and class organized, I might have told you that you were nuts. Not so much anymore.

We need to embrace technologies that best represent the way we think. For me, that means wikis over paper syllabi, blogs over paper essays, and Twitter and real-time search over email and databases.

Because my thinking is fluid, I need my media to be fluid. Because to take a dynamic idea and try to fit it into a static box, just seems like a great way to destroy both.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Paperless Labyrinth

Andrew B. Watt spent part of yesterday's 'Paperless Friday' hanging out in the shadow of an ancient rock calendar.

Read his reflections and consider just what a fantastic lesson this was.

Friday, September 25, 2009

It's Paperless Friday

So what are you doing to get off paper?

Lots of ideas have been coming in through Twitter all day, and I've had some great conversations with folks both in person as well as this morning during the Friday Chat. It's looking more and more like 'paperless' isn't all that difficult after all.

Earlier in the week I spoke with Bob, the teacher I've been helping out on Web 2.0 matters here at school. Turns out he hasn't used a single sheet of paper in his Freshman Human Geography course so far this year.

That's right: zero paper.

I'm waiting for him to start writing a blog; it'll surely make its way into my RSS Reader.

Twitter Search #paperless for more ideas!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Paperless Friday: a Saturday Reflection

Over a hundred teachers told me that they went paperless yesterday.

A hundred. That's quite a few given that they were responding to a Tweet that went out late last night.

I'm digging this Paperless Friday thing. And I'm going to make it my year's mission to document what you all are doing to go paperless this year. So, send me your stories and ideas and each Friday I'll post my favorites.

And remember: the 'paperless' classroom isn't just about saving paper; it's about using social tech and the advantages of the Internet to spur dynamic learning.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Paperless Fridays

Here's a challenge that went out on Twitter last night and has been gaining steam:
Hey PLN: let's make Fridays paper-free this year. No copies, handouts, notebooks. Just discuss & connect, tech or otherwise. Plz RT!

What do you say? You all up for the challenge?

Make Paperless Friday a tradition at your school, and spread the word.