Friday, September 30, 2011

Office Hours on Google+ Hangout

by Shelly Blake-Plock

As I am teaching my students virtually this year, it's become important to create a space where I can provide structured office hours. That space is Google+ and from noon to 12:30pm EST most every Friday, that's where I am.

I am opening up that time to anyone in the professional teaching community to chat, brainstorm, and discuss issues in education and professional development. My only caveat is that if one of my students drops by the Google+ office, they get my full attention.


  1. How do you get around the age restriction (18 or older) on Google+? Iʻm guessing that many just ignore it, but if students donʻt already have Google+ accounts, do you encourage them to join?

  2. I also was curious about the age restriction. Over the summer I set up an APUSH circle for my up coming class but when I went to invite my students they could join because they were not 18 (sophomores) any thoughts?


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