Saturday, September 17, 2011

EdTech Baltimore

by Andrew Coy

As part of the process of extending the digital conversation into the analog world, Shelly and I have been working to put together a local forum in Baltimore to discuss the future of education and technology. The first of the conversations will focus on using social networking to extend, enhance, and influence education.

I will be moderating the conversation with Dave Troy (CEO of 410Labs, creator of and, Tom Murdock (co-founder and chief-architect of Moodlerooms) and Shelly Blake-Plock (blogger-in-chief here at TeachPaperless and founder of GrowConnected) as the panelists. The event will be this upcoming Tuesday (the 20th of September) between 6 and 8pm at Digital Harbor High School. We are looking into live streaming the discussion and tweeting it as well. Think of it as an analog parallel of #edchat.

So this is my question to you:
  • What questions would you ask? 
  • What topics would you want to discuss? 
  • What problems should they address?
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  1. How do we adequately provide the tools necessary for this to be effective, even if "the powers that be" got on board with the idea of actually using social networking in education as opposed to banning it? Where will funds come from to upgrade technology for classrooms that was purchased before the economy sunk? What about schools that do not qualify for Title 1 or other funding, and do not have the funds to purchase new tools? (My experience has been that schools in lower income schools have much better access to funds, while there are middle class neighborhoods where the schools are lacking but the students still do not have adequate access at home to assume the digital interaction will happen successfully there.) How can we address the inequality of access that is prevalent from one school to another, one home to another, one community to another?

  2. And this just in on my Google reader right after I posted my first comment...


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