Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Question of the Day: Is Quietube Too Quiet?

Following a link posted by @andyjb, I found myself looking at today and it got me thinking...

Is this a great idea that will help allay the fears of admins and parents and help bring YouTube content into filtered classrooms, or does Quietube actually turn YouTube into a virtual DVD player -- thus negating all of the social media content that makes YouTube so rich (even if at times risky) to begin with?

What's more important in the YouTube debate: bringing video into our classrooms or teaching students how to engage with dynamic and live social media spaces?

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  1. I have not used quiettube so can't speak to it, but has been tremendously effective at meeting my needs of working with a filter while still providing access to vetted YouTube content. The commenting options it provides are still, however, somewhat limited. But it certainly can solve any issues parents and admin might have with the lack of a "walled-garden" with unfiltered YouTube.


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