Monday, April 25, 2011

Illuminated Letters - 21st Century Style

By Steve Katz
Cross posted on my blog.
We were studying the Middle Ages in my seventh grade social studies class. We learned about monks and monasteries and illuminated letters. When I have taught this unit in the past I always have my students draw an illuminated letter by hand. This year my class is paperless, so the students created the letters on their computers using various software. The software a majority of students chose to use is Paintbrush (Mac), a free download. I have posted a few letters below. You can see all of the illuminated letters here.


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  2. MAddy what did you see special?


  3. An interesting use of the technology. If you have a PC you could use

    You should try to go all in on this and create illuminated manuscripts. I am going to try this in class today.

    Great stuff!!


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