Friday, February 11, 2011

What We Are Doing Today in Class

by Shelly Blake-Plock

Our AP Euro class is currently discussing the French Revolution. And, of course, a topic of interest has been similarities and dis-similarities to what has been happening in Egypt since Jan 25.

Below is a brief outline of what we're doing in class today. We would love readers to leave comments and questions for us to think about and discuss. We'd also love to talk to people on the ground in Egypt about what they are experiencing right now. Please get in touch @TeachPaperless on Twitter.


We are going to be looking for similarities and dis-similarities between the French Revolution and the current revolution in Egypt.

French Revolution // Egyptian Revolution


1. Compare / Contrast Louis XVI and Mubarak.
2. In each case, WHY were the people protesting? (Cite primary sources).
3. What role did women play?
4. What concerns are their about the current situation in Egypt? How might they relate to the days following the fall of Louis XVI?
5. How did/are people express(ing) their views?
6. Are the current protests violent?
7. What do people on the ground in Cairo think is going to happen now? (Directly contact reporters and bloggers in Egypt via Twitter during this class period).
8. Based on your study of the French Revolution and your current observations of the situation in Egypt, what do you think are possible outcomes? How are the possible outcomes in Egypt alike or different with outcomes in France -- both in the short and long term.


Sources on French Revolution

Sources on Egypt

Al Jazeera

New York Times




Twitter Search


  1. This is a fantastic lesson plan.

    Just one question (caveat: I'm a science teacher): "What do people on the ground in Cairo think is going to happen now?" Is this question worth asking? Would it be more valuable to ask factual questions or questions about the individuals' experience, and then have the students do the predictions themselves in part 8?

  2. Egypt is not a revolution, Egypt was a food riot.

  3. This is great. I am in an AP European History class myself, and I wish we did more things like this where parallels are drawn between history and the modern world. Excellent example of technology being used to power critical thought and learning.


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