Thursday, November 05, 2009


TeachPaperless is spending the evening learning how to use Google Wave.

Here's the first three things that have popped into my waved-out mind:
1. It could be a remarkable way to keep track of differentiated instruction and individualized learning.

2. The real-time collaborative power puts curriculum maps to shame. Not to mention the ability to turn on a dime and respond to spontaneous current events and situations without everyone getting lost.

3. Talk about a way to rethink school-wide organization.

More on all of this soon.


  1. I do find that the speed of response is pushed by the wave dynamic, whether this is just us early adopters, or whether this faster pace is a feature of the interchange will be useful to look at.

  2. I'm so jealous -- can hardly wait to see Google Wave -- that it took me a while to set aside my envy and read this post. Now that I'm past my littleness I'm looking forward to hearing more about using Wave in and outside the classroom. Then I'll probably feel really jealous again...;)


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