Friday, November 20, 2009


A reader suggested I write a haiku poem distilling what I've learned over the course of 600 posts here at TeachPaperless.

At first I thought it was a silly idea, but the more I considered it, the more I realized it was perhaps the most perfect vehicle for describing what I see as the 'nature' of the discussion that has occurred through these posts.

I myself certainly have been changed by the ongoing conversation; and I dare say that this blog, and the daily interaction it fosters with my PLN, has made me -- over the course of the last ten months -- a much better teacher than I'd ever thought I could be.

And I hope this blog is of some value to you, too.

Thank you for your readership, advice, criticism, and fearlessness.


Signpost, bent metal
On the corner; in the field
Sapling fresh, rising

That's sort of what this blog means to me.

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  1. An apt metaphor.
    But please, folks, let's not forget:
    Tend to the sapling


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