Thursday, July 02, 2009


Led a session yesterday within the virtual rooms at NECC. Using Elluminate technology, the presentation incorporated a shared desktop, live audio, chat/backchannel, and sort of a live shared browser.

I've been taking part in these types of sessions for some time now, but only as an audience participant. I like the format. It's rather utilitarian, (my wide teases me about being addicted to all of the ham-radio things the Internet has to offer), but it works great and I especially like the ability to just pop into a session and see what's happening.

So after yesterday's session, the moderator Kim Caise told me to check out which is another project of Classroom 2.0 founder Steve Hargadon. I go there this morning to discover over 4,600 educators using the profile-based sm and free Elluminate rooms.

Where have I been?

That's the thrill of the Internet and social media. Just when you think you've got a handle on things, something flies out in front of you and demonstrates just how much you still have to learn.

Some people are turned off by this.

I live for this.

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