Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Complete Guest Posts

Here are the links to the past week's series of guest posts I wrote for

Thanks to Clay and the folks at for having me over and for helping out with a few technical things.

Be sure to subscribe over there and follow what has proven to be a consistently great blog. Definitely a place on the web for telling it like it is.

Here's the posts:

Disconnected: Romeo and Juliet would have made out just fine if they’d only had a pair of iPhones between ‘em.

Talking 21st Century Skills Blues: We do a disservice to our students and our future if we pretend that we can use 19th century methodologies to facilitate 21st century learning.

Go Geek: We don’t need Teach for America. We need Geeks for America.

Books Were Nice: Don’t get me wrong. I liked books. They were great.

We Are All Health Professionals Now: When I was in eleventh grade, our class was marched down to the auditorium for a presentation on penises.

Goin' Mobile: We need to stop complaining about the time away from classroom learning that fieldtrips represent and start complaining about the time away from fieldtrips that classroom learning represents.

What a Difference a Century Makes: We have already produced babies who will see the calendar flip from the 21st to the 22nd century.

ps -- If you are a registered at or just want to check out some great organizing work, click through the petition and campaign drives; some great work happening there. And stop by my new profile and friend me!

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