Monday, March 09, 2009

Overheard in the hall...

Just heard this one...

A student standing next to her locker to one of my students: "No, I didn't do it because I couldn't find the worksheet."

My student (seeing me just as I pass by): "Um... yeah".

Get those 'worksheets' online, people! That'll be one less excuse we have to deal with...

"But, Mr. Wojo, my dog ate my laptop!"

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  1. I put all of my handouts online now, and I get new excuses, such as "I couldn't open your document" or "My internet was down last night." I still tell these students that they can call a friend and get it emailed or go by a library and print it. They just shrug their shoulders and take the late grade or no grade. Just today, I had a student announce in class that she even had Mr. Powell try to help her open a grammar worksheet on my website, and he couldn't open it. I asked the rest of the class to show how many of them had successfully opened the document, and everyone but this student had a hand in the air.

    True, there may be less lost hard copies, but there are just as many creative excuses when it comes to teenagers and homework.


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