Saturday, March 22, 2014

I'm Blogging Again

by Shelly Blake-Plock

This is not a lost blog post from 2012.

You did not accidentally fall asleep on the TARDIS.

This is just a quick post to let all ye olde TeachPaperless readers that I've got a new blog going.

The name of the blog is "FieldMarks" and the focus is on professional development and learning in the digital age. You can subscribe to it by email or check it out on the Web.

Last April, a small group of teachers and technologists here in Baltimore started a new thing we call An Estuary. Together, we're writing this new blog (in addition to building new technologies and running online scavenger hunts for Edcamp organizers and working with schools and curating the Web's education news).

It's a veritable beehive of activity here (and like the bees, we're sure happy Spring has arrived!)

This is a special time in the history of education and in the development of learning here on this big old planet. We're excited about the opportunities available for educators themselves to develop the profession, and we're doing our part to help make that happen.

So, I hope to see your comments on the new blog, and as ever, I'm always game for great guest posts that really help to push our thinking about education and technology. Feel free to get in touch with ideas.

Lastly, by all means reach out if you've got a cool project going on or want to do some brainstorming on where this whole edu things is going. I've had a great time the last two years wandering around the country learning from folks and sharing ideas on how we can take meaningful learning to the next level. From California to Denver to Iowa City to Grand Rapids to Cleveland to New York to Florida to Texas, there is something amazing happening right now. Happy to be a part of it with all of you.

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