Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Imagine if the Government Censored the Web

It would be like China or Iran or . . . the average American school.

Maybe it's time we advocate for open Internet in every context.

-John T. Spencer

John T. Spencer is a teacher in Phoenix, AZ who blogs at Education Rethink. He recently finished Pencil Me In, an allegory for educational technology and A Sustainable Starta book for new teachers. He also wrote the reform-minded memoirs Teaching Unmasked: A Humble Alternative to Waiting For a Superhero and Sages and LunaticsHe has written two young adult novels Drawn Into Danger and A Wall for ZombiesYou can connect with him on Twitter @johntspencer


  1. f-ing brilliant, my friend

  2. This is unfair for our government to even consider. The Internet does not belong to THEM.

  3. I've long been an advocate of wide open internet in schools--better to teach kids how to work safely, responsibly in the virtual world just as we do in the physical world than to try and control them. But we must also keep in mind the development difference and the duty of care we have for our students. It would be irresponsible and imprudent to let a five-year old wander the web aimlessly just as it would be to let her wander off to Patagonia.

  4. @Brad

    Luckily no one here is suggesting we let five-year olds wander Patagonia alone. (Though I have a nine-year old at home who might be up for the challenge).




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