Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Personalized, passionate learning

By Mike Kaechele

There is a Save Our Schools March in Washington D.C. this week. I can't go but here is my contribution to the discussion.


  1. Thanks for this, Mike!

    TeachPaperless.com will be represented at the SOS march -- I'll be there and I believe some more of our contributing writers will be marching.

    Stay in contact at the march via Twitter; take lots of pics and videos; and post, comment, reflect, chat, converse, converse, converse, share, debate, connect!

    See you there,
    Shelly Blake-Plock

  2. @MikeKaechele Yes, sound great!!! Take it all the way....forget the standards...study what the students want to study!!!

  3. Thanks Norman, I wish I could forget the standards, but I am required to follow them. But with that said, there is plenty of interesting stuff in the standards so we can focus on what is most intriguing to them.


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