Sunday, May 08, 2011


by Mike Kaechele

It is a beautiful, sunny Mother's Day in Michigan. I got my first nap of the year in my hammock, listened to the Tigers win on my stereo (yeah I still have my big speakers from college in my shed), and my son went fishing in the lake.

My yard

Then my son made a potion. He has been begging me to do it all week. He mixed vinegar, Oxi Clean, baking soda, cinnamon, sugar, flour, and ketchup. He then applied it to my dandelions and apparently they will be dead tomorrow.

My son loves science and experimenting. When is the last time you experimented? When is the last time you gave students time and space to experiment?

Now I am off to help my daughter make a potion. Experimenting is contagious...


  1. I'd like to hear an update on the dandelions. How did his potion work?

  2. I love it! My kids are really into magic potions, too.

  3. I mowed the lawn last night and the clippings came out yellow so it doesn't seem to be working. My son said it needs to be applied to the roots ...

  4. Very cool - I find high school students have sometimes become so inured to static learning conditions that they are often skeptical at the idea of experimenting. They usually get over it.


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