Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Haven't posted in a while. Long story. And you'll hear all about it soon enough.

In the meantime, I did want to take just a moment while I've got it to dash off a note about a project my Latin II students are pretty excited about.

Two days ago, they started their own Twitter group all about the Latin language and the Ancient World in general. Their goal is to form a Twitter conversation/resource for Latin students, Latin teachers, and folks interested in all things ancient.

You can join their group on Twibes and follow the conversation at #latlang.

I'm pretty thrilled about this as well. I like the idea of kids creating their own hashtags. I like letting them loose to do their own thing. We'll see where it goes. They want to pick up 1,000 followers on the Twibe. They're also talking about starting a weekly discussion for Latin students at #latlang. So, I've agreed to give them classtime to facilitate that discussion and we'll see what happens.

If you could pass this info on to Latin teachers in your schools/districts, that would be a huge help. Let's do what we can in leveraging our networks to allow the kids to establish theirs.


  1. This is great. I'm not a Latin teacher, nor do we have one here- but I will pass this along to other teachers.

    I'm curious to know if there are any Spanish projects like this out there.

  2. You ROCK! This is fantastic!

  3. The good thing about your information is that it is explicit enough for students to grasp. Thanks for your efforts in spreading academic knowledge.

  4. Hi Shelly! I really appreciate your initiative. I came across this blog while searching for paperless initiatives. We are starting something similar in India with the same vision. Though the website is not live yet, you can follow us/"like" us at: http://twitter.com/kleetoindia/

  5. We'd love to have your comment/suggestions.

  6. This is really cool! I will go join the group, now! Thank you for sharing.
    Have a great day!

  7. this is really a great initiative in the field of volunteer education,we may also like to follow this pattern of education in India also


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