Monday, July 05, 2010

Edu/EdTech Open Mic

Hey kids:

Will Richardson and I are hosting an Edu/EdTech Open Mic on July 15th [NOTE NEW DATE] at 7PM EST. It'll be a sort of audio/video get-together in Elluminate that may or may not turn into a weekly tradition -- at least through the dog days of summer.

We're putting a call out for topics that folks would be interested in chatting about. Think of this as a sort of virtual coffeehouse for teachers where everybody gets their chance to be heard.

Comment here with some topic ideas and I'll post details about the event soon.

- Shelly


  1. love it. thank you.

    digital equity...

  2. A topic that Will posted about a while back, but which could be a great discussion point is Internet filtering in schools. Will posted a map for others to placemark with their level of Internet filtering in schools. Could be a talking point.

  3. Hey Shelly,
    Sounds like some great conversations could emerge from this. A topic I'd like to hear people talk about is grassroots successes in moving forward the use of technology in the classroom. In other words, people sharing the obstacles they face in their schools and how they've overcome those obstacles.

  4. I am curious how others are assessing Web2.0 leveraged student projects? Specifically, in this "sky's the limit", remixing, project-based learning, creative output paradigm for both students and teachers, how do we objectively assess products when so much of the output can be of a subjective nature (highly creative and touching on multiple disciplines)? Maybe it's less about the output and more about assessing the process?

  5. I would love to hear from elementary teachers who have a hybrid classroom (using Moodle or another LMS). What projects have been most successful?

  6. What a great idea. I can't join this session since I'm away on holiday during that time but look forward to future opportunities.

  7. Would like to hear from teachers that are involved in managing educational programs such as Time to Know. I will be teaching with this product in September. I am imagining this is like having the teacher's guide but not teaching the curriculum. I will be supervising their learning, assisting in trouble-shooting, interpreting assessments...What is the teaching and learning experience in this kind of classroom?

  8. I'd like to hear more about the research on best practices in using technology and/or social media in classrooms. There is a little bit out there (I posted on one interesting study here -- but more on the research-based best practices would be interesting. Or, what cognitive psychology suggests for best practices. (I posted about a paper on that, too, about how twitter could contribute to cognitive overload, but I'd love to see more -

  9. I love the open mic concept.

    An idea or topic:

    What are our ideas around "literacy" in this age of technology?
    Has (or is) our ideas around writing and reading changing?
    And if so, how do classroom teachers (not the techies) deal with these changes?

    -- Kevin Hodgson


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