Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ISTE 2010: Rumors About Google Apps for Ed?

Got nothing but rumors here, but I've talked to two people here at the convention who claim that Google is going to include Blogger, Picasa, and a 'safety-mode' portal into YouTube in an update of Google Apps for Ed.

Presumably, that would mean that the TOS for kids under 13 would be a moot point as all activity could happen within the school's Google account and schools would of course have services archived/secured through Postini.

Stay tuned.

[UPDATE: @BillCamp shot over this release from Google from last month; it specifically addresses bringing Picasa, Reader, and Blogger into Google Apps for Ed. No specific mention of YouTube, but that would be the game-changer as so many districts currently block YouTube out of content concerns.]


  1. Not rumors. Here is the Google enterprise Blog post with a view of what's coming down the pike (although the "safety mode" portal to YouTube is news for me).

  2. Pretty pumped Iowa signed on as a Google Apps state.

  3. I can't wait!! It will be a game changer for sure.


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