Tuesday, May 18, 2010

TeachPaperless Wikis

This is just a reminder to folks to take advantage of the TeachPaperless wikis. Dozens of teachers have offered advice and observations on topics ranging from paperless lesson planning to 21C education course design.

The Paperless Earth Day Wiki presents documentation by teachers who took the 2010 Paperless Earth Day Pledge. There are lesson plans and examples of paperlessness both lo-tech and high-tech.

The Social Technology in Education Lesson Plan Wiki presents examples of lesson plans incorporating social and participatory media; it also includes a 'discussion' tab with examples of social tech integrated plans written up by grad students in my class at JHU.

Finally, the 21C Ed Grad Wiki is a new project seeking to answer the question: "What should an authentic 21C graduate program in education look like?"

All of these wikis are open to public editing and we encourage all teachers and admins with something to say to take part in helping to create more helpful resources for 21C learning.

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