Monday, January 18, 2010

Real Life and Death

Real life and death, just a mouse-click away.

Go ahead, click: Haiti: 500 Patients Treated in 24 Hours at Carrefour Hospital. This is something you and your students need to see. Need to talk about.

And Doctors Without Borders is just one of many organizations trying to help down in Haiti. They are among the millions of folks on the ground dealing with these real life and death issues.

Here's two things you all (we) can do to help no matter where you all (we) are in the world: 1) Give a few bucks to MSF or your favorite charity working to get water and meds into Haiti. 2) Share the story and conversation of what's going on in that country with your kids.

Talk to your students about it.

In History class. In Math class.

Just talk.

With them. Together.

And be thankful that you can.

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