Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Dozen Most Popular TeachPaperless Posts as of Oct 24, 2009

As I do occasionally -- especially for new readers -- I'm posting FeedBurner's list of the dozen most popular posts currently on TeachPaperless. Read up, comment, debate, enjoy.

1. Why Teachers Should Blog

2. Five Ways to Stop Cheating

3. A Wave is Headed Our Way

4. Library of Congress Offers Independence from Textbooks

5. On Blogging and Connections

6. A Letter to the Teachers of My Children

7. The Problem with 'Naked Classrooms'

8. Paperless Labyrinth

9. The Five Minute Twitter Verb Crunch Drill

10. A Young Teacher Reflects on Twitter in the Classroom

11. Response to a Criticism about Using Twitter in the Classroom

12. At the End of the Anomaly of the Age of Printed Books

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  1. I'm pleased to be on your "recently popular" list, and honored. It's always a joy to be able to connect our blogs.

    Youe recent posts on Twitter and here, along with some events at my school, inspired my most recent meditation on the necessity of the web at my blog. Enjoy.


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