Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Reader Responses

In response to my call for reader input, here are some of the responses:

Reader Elise:
I follow you because I feel like the Elementary students that I work with are heading to a paperless system. I struggle, however, with how to balance their need to learn to read and write with books and paper with how to read online and type in the digital age.

I would love to hear more about how teachers might move to less paper at the elementary level.

Reader D.:
I'm interested in many things but especially how to entice the technophobes to march with us in the parade.

Reader Heather:
The tools have not been difficult; in fact, I love them. However, joining the conversation has been challenging for me.

Reader Foxdenuk:
Wondering if there is anything that you can find in books which you can't find on the Internet.

Reader Erik:
The process of getting students to listen to each other, even with tools like edmodo and google docs, has been my challenge.

I'll keep these comments in the front of my mind as I blog over the next week. As always, thanks for the discussion! Blogs without reader input and response aren't blogs; they're vanity mirrors.

You all make this more.

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  1. I completely understand where Erik is coming from. When my students first started blogging, they weren't using each other as potential resources, and I found that they weren't even reading their classmates' thoughts. Part of me thinks that's because they're programmed to work individually for so much of their school lives. And, like D, I would love to hear more about getting "technophobes" involved, but also about getting teachers on board with approaching education in a new way. Some of my teaching colleagues think the tools are cool, but they continue to teach traditionally without thinking of the potential implications that the technology can have on their kids' learning.


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