Sunday, October 04, 2009

Asking the Readers

Seems like just yesterday when I started this blog, but now I notice that I'm about to hit 550 posts since February.

Don't know whether that's a result of a "sincere commitment to enriching the blogosphere" or just a result of my OCD, but in the interest of regulating my blog-narcissism I'm asking you all for some input.

I'd like to know what sorts of things you are interested in discussing related to paperless classrooms, educational technology, and social media.

You have personal experiences and insights you'd like to share with our broader community? Then get in touch.

You have ideas for the Friday Chats? Share them.

You've started a blog, app, site, or online community? Let me know and I'll help to spread the word.

The key here is community, and as we turn the corner towards the heart of autumn, let's work on building that community and sharing what we've learned over this remarkable year.


  1. I am a second year teacher and still struggling with the whole thing. I want to know how you got the students to create a discussion culture amongst themselves. The proccess of getting students to listen to each other, even with tools like edmodo and google docs, has been my challenge.

  2. I follow you because I feel like the Elementary students that I work with are heading to a paperless system. I struggle, however, with how to balance their need to learn to read and write with books and paper with how to read online and type in the digital age.

    I would love to hear more about how teachers might move to less paper at the elementary level.

  3. I read many blogs about tech and social media but yours includes a wider scope that reminds me of my pedagogical/philosophical principles. I've recently started a blog for teachers in my school ( I'm interested in many things but especially how to entice the technophobes to march with us in the parade.

  4. Off topic, but ... I saw an episode of the Simpsons that seems right up your alley! It has students using cell phones in the classroom, treated as a distraction by Ms Krabappel and as an education tool by the cool new substitute. Interesting!

  5. Hi! I am a high school librarian trying to build a PLN and just beginning to experiment with social media. Over the summer, I began to use Twitter (hhersey03
    , mostly lurking at first, and then recently started a blog. The tools have not been difficult; in fact, I love them. However, joining the conversation has been challenging for me. My second blog post, Technology Lover with Acute Social Media Phobia, focused on the reasons why I jumped in, and I haven't looked back. I am interested in helping students and teachers learn how to build their own PLNs. Thank you for the opportunity to share and learn!

  6. Wondering if there is anything that you can find in books which you can't find on the Internet. Historical information is my guess. Anything else?

  7. I'm following for many reasons. Your posts and tweets have inspired me to attempt to go nearly paperless in my science classes. Now that I have been so inspired, I'm looking for ways to make this work even better. I'm using Edmodo for classroom assignments and communication, Edublogs for myself and students and QuizStar for exams. However, I'm struggling a bit with the assessment piece for blogs in science.

    My blog is at and I would love feedback!

  8. Shelly, I follow you because I like your name.

    I JEST!

    I love that fact that you learn out loud here, and especially appreciate hearing "real life stories" about work with students and other teachers. Thank you for your work, and for living into your gifts.


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