Monday, October 19, 2009

22nd Century Skills: The Value of Visionary Thinking

Created a keynote idea for ISTE 2010: 22nd Century Skills: The Value of Visionary Thinking.

Here's the blurb:
We have already produced babies who will live on into the 22nd century. Rather than rehash and re-construe the arguments and mistakes of the past, we should take a moment to think about what their future holds. From neuro-networks and nanotechnology to the implications of the ways in which we use education to address environmental, aesthetic, economic, cultural, and social change; the 22nd century will be the result of the decisions that we make today. And for those children born today and for their children born tomorrow who will live into the 22nd century, nothing is more important than that we go beyond the outmoded hierarchies and expectations of yesterday and yield knew ideas in this transformational early digital age.

ISTE is running this as a sort of keynote competition this year, so if you dig this idea and would like to see a keynote about the 'real' future of education ('real' as in "we have no idea where this crazy train is gonna drop us off..."), please vote for my entry.

And while you are at it, create your own entry; you all have some fantastic ideas, it would be great to see you all shake up ISTE a bit! Let's flood them with truly out-of-compartment thinking.


  1. Haven't you read this? .

    Since Alfie Kohn's comments I thought that we could drop the whole '21st century' thing and get back to work.

  2. 21st Century Skills, 22nd Century Skills, they're all the same. We really want to teach our students to be critical thinkers and self-learners. The century just defines what resources they will have and the tools we may use to teach them.

    Also - I just found this article on 15 tools to help you go paperless. I was wondering what you thought about it.

    Dave -

  3. @Simon

    Alfie is a great writer. If you take '21C skills' as what they've been marketed as, he's totally right on.

    But I don't think that's what 21stC skills are. And so, I sort of see Kohn going after a red herring (even if it's a herring that deserves going after).

    See today's (Oct 21) post for my attempt at clarity.



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