Monday, November 02, 2009

My (Current) 19 Favorite Education Blogs

I read a lot of education blogs. And from all corners of the ed spectrum, both in terms of policy and instruction. Here's a list of the folks currently topping my blogroll; these are the ones I make sure to keep abreast of post-by-post.

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1. Andrew B. Watt's Blog: Watt is the Jon Krakauer of the new paradigm in education. He's a writer who sees both the beauty and the danger inherent in our expedition into the digital mountain ranges. He's honest and and critical and he writes about this stuff with a poet's knack for succinct detail. Strongly recommended.

2. Free Technology for Teachers: Byrne publishes a mind-numbing plethora of tools for teachers on a daily basis. Here's a recent -- and representative -- highlight entitled 'Beyond Google'.

3. Moving at the Speed of Creativity: Wes Fryer's work is always a substantive treat. His recent posts from China have been eye opening; especially his recent post concerning proxies and web filtering on the Mainland.

4. Dangerously Irrelevant: One of the standards by which a blog should be measured is the extent to which it galvanizes conversation among its readership. With his merging of singularity theory and ed leadership, McLeod never fails to catalyze discussion.

5. Sustainably Digital: This is a new blog that I've been following ever since reading a great post there on Super Mario and the Scientific Method. Good stuff; will be following this one with much interest.

6. Concrete Classroom: Michael Kaechele never fails to prove that a true teacher is always an artist of learning. Check out his students' recent work with Lego Robots.

7. Open Thinking: Alec Couros' blog is where I go when I'm itching for new ideas. And, we once had a Twitter conversation where somehow we (or at least I) confirmed that the future of education had something to do with Holodecks. How cool.

8. Ideas and Thoughts: Shareski is a generous blogger. His posts, Tweets, ideas, and thoughts have kept me up way too late on way too many nights thinking about the present and the future of education.

9. elearnspace: With Siemens, it's all about the links -- nuggets of information for your perusal and debate. An elegant blog.

10. Digital Education: Where Ash and Manzo demonstrate that mainstream ed journalism ain't all bad.

11. Magistra's Musings: I'm sure I'm not the only educator who really came to realize the power of Twitter through Mahoney's work; and with the wiki she's created to help teachers harness the power of a Twitter network, I doubt I'll be the last.

12. The Fischbowl: Fisch is a legend. Perhaps you knew.

13. SpeEdChange: From the 'constantly challenging your preconceptions' department, Socol is probably my favorite blogger. His recent work on Twitter as Liberation Tool should be required reading in every ed school in this country.

14. Nashworld: Nash is a one-man instructional make-over machine. Check out his 'Four Pillars of Technology Integration'.

15. 21st Century Learning: Nussbaum-Beach is an ed blogger always bringing provocative ideas to the table. Her recent post on Digital Education and the 'Fabric' of Community is one such post -- full of important questions.

16. EducationalInsanity: Somebody, please tell Jon Becker to blog more.

17. The Edublogger: Sue Waters regularly posts on issues specifically related to the concerns of blogging educators. Great information from a great educator.

18. Weblogg-ed: Often stunning posts by Richardson. Definitely a source of frustration in the ed tech community is the fact that we can't force Will to blog several times a day.

19. Design 4 Learning: When a guy who writes a post like this calls you an educational anarchist, you know you're doing something right! [BTW, originally this was a list of '18', but I thought you all needed a little something 'extra' in your lives... enter Dean Groom.]

This list is in no way meant to be inclusive of all that's out there. As I said, there are a bunch of blogs I read that I don't mention here. But as for what's been topping my blogroll recently, this is it.

Please do subscribe to these, and please leave ideas for blogs I should be checking out!


  1. Those are some great blogs.

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  2. Thanks for the mention. I really enjoy your work too.
    All the best,

  3. Wow. Thanks for the mention. I'm humbled to be included on a list that has so many people whose writing inspired me to start my own blog in the first place.

  4. Yeah, I better be on your damn list. Visual Disobediance is what its all about. I'm watching you.

  5. Thank you for sharing this great list. I enjoy many of these blogs and there are some that I have yet to discover. I invite you to take a look at my blog The Innovative Educator. I hope you find it has some information of interest.

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  6. Multas gratias tibi ago. Wow! I'm humbled to be included in this list. Thanks for sharing your current favorites. I love finding blogs that will inspire me and motivate me.


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