Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Other Side

There's a whole 'other' world at NECC, you know.

It's the world there just below the physical reality of the convention center. Some folks are tuned into it, others will have left the conference never having been aware of its existence.

It's the virtual world of NECC Unplugged.

Since Monday, there have been over 40 presentations in the Elluminate Live Room as well as through the virtual rooms and live feeds. They've covered various topics not readily available elsewhere at NECC such as a 'research 2.0' demo of Diigo, an intro to Sugar Lab's open source collaborative learning platform, a wiki roundtable with Adam Frey from Wikispaces, as well as hands-on sessions explaining how to actually USE social media of all sorts in a classroom setting.

I'll be spending this, the final day of NECC 2009, exploring the virtual side.

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