Thursday, July 23, 2009


Trying to figure out how to use Twitter to reach classmates and find alumni?

Check out AlumTweet.

I can only imagine the myriad ways in which the jaws of the directors of alumni services across the nation's great high schools and colleges are about to drop once they realize what this means.

(That is, if they know how to use Twitter effectively).

[Addendum 8:20PM EST]

Just Tweeted with an alumni director of a great university and she mentioned one improvement that might be made to AlumTweet: distinguishing between undergrads and grad students.

I'd also encourage folks using the app to connect with classmates to include an abbreviation of their major in the Tweet that gets sent out.

In terms of practical uses, I could see this app being used to organize alumni in many different ways. The obvious one is in building a social media database of alumni for organizing and development purposes public or private.

Even more exciting, from my perspective as a high school teacher, is using that database to engage alumni and procure their experience and assistance in all of our extension of learning beyond the classroom walls -- from alumni docented field trips to alumni led collaborative classrooms to senior-project style mentoring programs enhanced by social media.

All of this can be facilitated by an easy to use real-time social media database.


  1. I'm not sure I get it. Isn't this website currently only for high school alumni? I saw no options for college/university alumni. While I think it's interesting for high schools, I would personally be much more interested in college or grad school.

  2. @Little Teacher

    Click through. The college info comes after you've entered the high school info.



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