Tuesday, March 03, 2009

More on connectivity / access...

A reader writes:

As we are planning on going one-to-one this year, we have discussed this issue as not all of our students have internet access. Students should have the opportunity in class to download the information they need and use the laptops at home for the applications and working with the information. As I am very close to paperless right now and my students cannot yet take their laptops home, sometimes you just need to be really flexible.


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  2. Thank you for showing my comment. I love how you use the blog as your vehicle of communication in class. Currently I use a wiki found at http://mrsmaine.wikispaces.com. Though still not where I want to be (and completely paperless), this has really taught me to trust the students more, listen to what they have to say, and to be patient. I have also been enthused by the way it has changed the pedagogy and consequently the learning.

    Louise Maine'hurricanemaine.blogspot.com


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