Saturday, August 29, 2009

What about TWO?

A reader writes:
I am seeing a surge in teenagers, as they get older toward mid-late college, using two Facebook pages. One is their "professional" page - for family or job prospects. Yes, family is included, they often consider a family broadcast a hindrance to their privacy! The other is their regular page complete with beer pong and weekend parties.

Though beer pong rarely makes it into my broadcasts, I have no less than four social networks (education PLN, classroom use, music and arts, and personal).

What about you all? How many Twitter feeds are you handling?


  1. Personal - Facebook (1 page) and a blog

    Education - Twitter (3: professional, classroom, school) & Blog (2: professional, classroom)

    Business - Twitter (1) and website

    That's 5 Twitters, 3 blogs, 1 Facebook and no beer pong.

  2. I was making a joke about the beer pong :) although probably it's not far from reality!

    Personal - Facebook (1 page)

    Education - blog, including both education and some other technology

    Twitter - professional/school, business, personal

    There are various tools now which allow us to post one time (like and some various clients like Seesmic or some blackberry/iPhone apps) and the post is disseminated to many networks at once, but I rarely want to comment or post pictures of my kids and family vacations on my professional website!

    Also, if you post on Twitter and use the hashtag #FB within the post, it will go on your Facebook page as a status update. But to me, the point of having them separate is to keep them separate.

    So 1 Facebook, 1 blog, and 3 Twitter accounts, not much fun that anyone can see if they can't see my Facebook page (and I have privacy settings on that one).

    This will be an interesting response chain to follow.

  3. I think that's great to see teenagers taking this kind of stance to their online personas. I think it is good to seperate out your networks, both for privacy reasons and to keep your contributions to each network focused and relevant.

    I have several feeds myself, for personal, education/professional and my music and DJing work. People on my music network are not so interested in my education work and visa versa- although there is unnevitably some crossover.

    It's all about choosing the right tone for the context of your communications, and that judgement is really essential for teenagers and children to learn.

  4. Oh and my networks are:

    Blog: Education/Professional
    Twitter: Education/Professional (@oliverquinlan)
    Twitter: Personal/Music work
    Facebook: Personal (Lots of privacy settings for diff groups)
    Myspace: Music (x 2 for different musical personas)

    Different networks definitely have different strengths I find.
    LinkedIn: Professional (although haven't used this much yet)

  5. 2 blogs (Professional *just starting* and Art)
    1 Facebook (Personal)
    1 Twitter (Professional)
    1 Ning - many networks (Professional)
    1 Writing community
    2 Art communities

    The only one that crosses over for me is Twitter, and that's more for what is coming in rather than what I'm putting out. Knowing I have many colleagues on my Twitter feed means I tend to avoid mentioning my weekend beer pong. ;)

    Facebook for me is a small network mostly family and a few close friends. I focus on Ning for my bigger network.

  6. 3 blogs - 1 professional, 1 travel, 1 family food (Jewish Catholic food brings a family together)
    1 Facebook - personal
    1 Twitter- personal and professional blended
    1 Plurk - professional - haven't been there in a while, it was feeling like the teachers' lounge. My karma there has crashed.
    1 Ning - several networks
    Linked In - but I rarely visit.

    That's it! for now at least


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