Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Math Week

Ok, Ok, I get the point: it's Math Week already!

I totally didn't see this one coming. You know, despite the idea that most people have of me manipulating world events for the goal of mandating paperless Latin classrooms, I really treat this blog as a living organism and I try my best to respond to the input of readers as well as to whatever happens to be going on in the ed blogosphere at large.

So, I'm delighted that in the same week that the discussion turns to math, McLeod starts his PUSH on math blogs:
What are some excellent math education blogs that P-12 math educators should be reading? We need both elementary and secondary examples.

They are putting together a wiki on the topic, so go check out what's going on and maybe by the end of this week, between the resources being talked about here and the sites being collected there, we'll have a nice collection of materials for digital teaching in math.

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