Saturday, June 26, 2010

Those Funds Could Do So More...

A reader writes:
Our 400 student school spent almost $10,000 this year on paper and toner. As a frugal office manager, this makes me crazy! Those funds could do so much more than make copies.
Sure thing. Coupled with textbook costs, source redundancy, and ill-thought-out tech plans, it all adds up to the fact that the digital divide is really a matter of poor resource allocation.


  1. I've just perused my first two iPads, thanks to two friends who are "first in line" types. Incredible reading devices. I'm itching to know whether textbook publishers are going to publish for iPads and Kindle-type devices. I'm the HS history teacher in a small school, too, and would like some advice as to how to approach presenting the idea of going to paperless textbooks to the admin. iPads are definitely "iT".

  2. poor resource allocation indeed.

    not only for getting access to those without ...but imagine the authentic world problems those brilliant minds with access would solve.

  3. Why is it so hard to convince school admins and teachers to create a classroom web site and collect everything online? I've been doing it for years with my wiki-hosted site,, where each student has a secure individual web site.

  4. My school of 3,200 students has a paper & copier budget of almost $125,000!!! I'm trying desperately to go 'paperless' in my classroom.


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