Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Converge: How to Teach with Tech Tools

Thanks to @reportertanya for her Converge magazine piece today on teaching in a tech integrated classroom. Her piece features some of the things that we do in our classroom (and there's a cool pic of our work-studio space, including the Sgt. Pepper gatefold on the wall next to the clock).

We had a good chat a week or so back about what it looks like on the ground to be working in a fully tech integrated classroom and one of the things I think she nails is the idea that tech integration has to (and will) become casual, obvious, and necessary.


  1. I read the article. I think you've hit it on the head. Basically tech needs to almost disappear into learning and teacher and not be in the lime light. Do you think though that as teachers begin to adopt technology that they will naturally make it a focus and get caught up in the "tech"? Then after gaining experience, taking risks, etc. they will start to move tech into the background so that it is a natural part of their teaching and their student's learning?

  2. A teacher has to learn how to use tech in their life outside of the classroom before they can ever use it in the classroom. If they do not use tech in their life in general they will never use it successfully in their life in particular in the classroom.

  3. Great article. My favorite line:

    "The technology itself does not make the education experience more profound than it's ever been, but it opens up possibilities in ways that teachers in the past would have died for."

    I too often see technology thrown into a classroom without really thinking about how it'll enhance student learning. It's also good to see the technology used in ways that truly transform the classroom, shifting power to the students. They're working on research projects, for example, where they direct their own learning, seek out their own resources and work together with their classmates to develop their ideas without depending on the teacher for answers.


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