Monday, June 08, 2009

Blocking Internet Access: the Conversation

The conversation about what Internet blocking suggests to students continues at the ISTE Connects blog. I urge you to contribute to the discussion: we want to hear your opinions!

Most recent comment, from Anthony Della Rosa:
I understand the need to block per CIPA compliance but that needs to be amended. I believe children 13 and over should be allowed the web with little or no restrictions. The problem is then we have to police what they do and teach them how to be socially responsible. Things haven't changed only the medium has. 3 years ago we taught students social responsibility but the Internet didn't exist. You didn't just go to school to learn how to read and write but how to act and behave and become an adult. Somewhere along the line that changed in and that why now we just block stuff, instead of teaching them responsibility, acceptable behavior and appropriateness. What will they do when they get to college or the real world???

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